ILM accredited training

This course consists of tutor presentations, group discussions, group activities, an individual tutorial session and submission of a coaching or mentoring diary.

The course is for

Personnel from a range of backgrounds who either have or are about to have responsibility for providing coaching or mentoring sessions to team members or company employees.

Personnel who are interested in applying for promotion and want an accredited qualification to enhance their CV’s.

Personnel who are looking to improve their competencies in coaching and mentoring staff.

Intended Learning Outcomes

Candidates will:

  • Understand the benefits of coaching/mentoring in the workplace;
  • Know and understand the key skills required to be an effective coach and mentor;
  • Be aware of potential barriers and how to overcome them; and
  • Be able to reflect on own strengths
Course Content
  • Benefits of coaching and mentoring:
  • Skills of coaching and mentoring:
  • Barriers to coaching and mentoring:
  • Relevant organisational policies, contracts/agreements:
  • Organisation of a coach/mentoring plan:
  • Models of coaching and mentoring:
  • Communication skills:
  • Resources and support facilities:
  • Keeping records:
  • Giving and receiving feedback:
  • Reflection on ability as coach/mentor: and
  • Keeping a coaching or mentoring diary for 6 x 1hr sessions with a member of staff.
Pre Requisites

Candidates need to ensure both they and the staff members being coached/mentored are able to spend 1 hour per week for 6 weeks or 1½ hours for 4 weeks on coaching/mentoring sessions.

Course Objectives


  • Will be able to organise and plan coaching or mentoring sessions in the workplace:
  • Will be able to manage coaching and mentoring sessions: and
  • Will be able to keep appropriate records.

This course can be delivered in-house or at external training venues, at times suitable for your training and development needs. To discuss dates, times and venue please contact Jigsaw Project Management Solutions.



will be aware of their own presentational skills and competences


will know and understand different presentational techniques.



will be able employ some of the principles of best practice presentational skills


will be able to demonstrate presentational skills in a training session.

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